Wonk Homework

For those who claim that advocacy of “doing something” about AGW is not political, I have a little project for you to work on: Design a policy for dealing with the following scenario: Minimizing the impact of a externality of all or virtually all economic activity. You are not allowed to use any of the following:

  1. New/higher taxes
  2. Subsidies
  3. Regulations
  4. Fake Commodities (“offsets” or “allowances”)
  5. New or existing government Agencies apart from basic Executive and Legislative bodies i.e. the Congress and existing regular law enforcement bodies
  6. All expenditures must come out of the existing budget AND NOT ADD TO IT
  7. Raise energy prices
  8. Restrict imports/exports
  9. Create any extra-national body with any kind of extra-Federal authority (No “global government”)
  10. No attempting to alter people’s behavior.
  11. Nothing stupid that does not work (that is, which does not accomplish the task at hand)
  12. Geoengineering-too risky and expensive

I realize this is a tall order. But just think: If you can succeed and then get Congress to do this instead of the crap they are pulling right now, I would have absolutely no reason to object to it! Wouldn’t it be sweet to shut up those darn AGW dissidents once and for all?


2 Responses to “Wonk Homework”

  1. j ferguson Says:

    Well gosh, Andrew, what would you expect when you call a plumber to repair a pc?

    We’re going to see the same political tools applied to any Problem (?) which can be politicized, whether they speak to the problem or not.

    Have you thought of posting a cv here? I like your observations.

  2. timetochooseagain Says:

    J Ferguson-Well, as soon as I actually have some publications (I’m just a student at present) I will probably do just that! Thanks though. 🙂

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