For Clarification: Significance

With regard to the ongoing CRU hack debacle (see post below) some people are saying:

That’s because it’s not as big as you like to think, Jeff. There are certainly some suggestive (even dubious) comments in that material but on their own they prove nothing. They confirm the suspicions of some people, including Dr Ball, but confirming suspicions isn’t proof. If Mann and co. have done anything wrong they will be found out but it won’t be by this illegal release of documents, it will be by a properly constituted investigation. Calm down.

First of all, I’ve told my own mother not to make more of this than there is. Secondly this goes way beyond Mann and paleoclimate. The emails have potentially exposed the way the climate science community really thinks-in a malicious, ends justify the means manner. This doesn’t mean their claims are wrong. What it does mean is that these people should not be trusted as objective, fair minded individuals. Because these emails clearly show an attitude of subjectivity and closed-mindedness.


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