Let It Snow!-Or Snowli Cannoli!

There was quite a lot of snow cover last month in the Northern Hemisphere. This poses an interesting question, I’m sure many of you are asking-what relationship might this bear to Global Warming? We’ll find out later today how snow cover relates to temperatures. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: As expected, there is more snowcover when the land in the Northern Hemisphere is cold than when it is warm-not just in a seasonal cycle but in the anomalies, too. However the relationship is very weak. Why might that be? Hard to say, but it means that there can be plenty of snow when it is relatively warm and a deficit of snow when it is cool. Now, there could easily be serious problems with the temperature data. That’s a reasonable objection. However, no change I could concieve of would improve the relationship between these two variables. If that’s the case, then it is hard to say how changes in temperatures will effect the snowcover.

But what else is new?


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