A Lively Sea Level Debate

Even scientists who generally agree with the so called “consensus” on global warming can disagree it seems. According to the (London) Times, controversy has publicly ignited over claims of sea level rise that scientists see in the future. The IPCC has generally predicted small rises of about a foot for the next century, based on their climate predictions and limited ice sheet modeling. That would ordinarily be the best information we have. However, Hockey Team member Stefan Rhamstorf did not find this alarming enough. So he sought to ground his need for apocalyptic conclusions in science, and publish a paper which said that the data pointed to six feet of sea level rise by the end of the century. Of course, this has drawn strong criticism of the method. Unfotunately, there is clearly no hope for consensus on this matter any time soon. The reason is that the beliefs of scientists on each “side” of the debate are diverging rather than converging. While Rhamstorfs critics say that his method is predicting way too high of rises, he is retorting that he believes he has underestimated just how much rise will occur! This is a sorry state of affairs.


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