The Return Of Global Warming? Not Just Yet…

Many of you may be wondering whether the recent announcement by Roy Spencer of January’s temperature anomaly from UAH’s LT time series might effect the major conclusion here at Hypothesis testing that there has been more than twelve years without warming. Ordinarily I don’t update such a story more than annually or so, but the anomaly was so strikingly large that it was worth asking whether it has brought global warming back. Now, even though I am a denier, I believe in AGW, so I expect that warming will return eventually. But I won’t declare the return of warming until there is real evidence that it has returned. I have crunched the numbers and the previous finding of no warming for 151 months should now be 149 months. Yes, a full three months later than before. I will let other people see if they can disagree-the data is widely available, after all.

Of course, It is possible that when John Christy posts the final values, they may be a little different. However, in my experience this doesn’t seem to happen.


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