Warming is what we expect, snow is what we get?

In the same breath as activist promoters of global warming concern denounce anyone who mocks them due to the recent snow storms in the Mid-Atlantic-“Weather is NOT climate!” they whine-they contradict themselves-“This weather is just proof of climate change!”.

Huh. That’s pretty amusing in and of itself. But is an increase in snow what we really expect from global warming?

The answer is a qualified no. The qualifier is that in places like Antarctica, we would expect more snow, because while the increased global evaporation from globally increased surface temperatures must lead to a global increase in precipitation, only in places which are sufficiently cold are snowfalls constrained by atmospheric moisture as opposed to atmospheric temperature. When it gets sufficiently warm, the moisture falls as rain instead.

According to a study by RE Davis et al, the relationship between temperature and snow switches sign at a fairly high latitude in North America-in Canada, in fact. This basically rules out atmospheric warming over Virginia leading to more snow.

In fact, the relationship in Virginia is distinctly negative, not positive.


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