Did They See It Coming?

Chick Keller is a master cheerleader for climate concerns-and climate science. In a whiny post over at RP Sr’s he makes several claims, but this one is just odd:

Global temperatures haven’t warmed appreciably in the past 8 years (ya gotta ignore 1998 cuz it’s a big  ENSO spike not part of the trend). This is not so much evidence that modelers etc don’t know what they’re doing (it was actually predicted rather well before it happened) as it is a splendid chance to study aspects  of climate variability without “contamination” of the signal by ENSO and volcanos.

 Do begin with, ignoring 1998, you can go back to 1997 and not find warming (Phil Jones actually says that significant warming requires going back before 1995) and 1997 is not an ENSO spike. Second, ENSO is not “contamination”-it’s a part of the climate system’s evolution, so fundamentally so that even the period he speaks of is not “free” of ENSO effects. Lastly, I don’t know of anyone who said ahead of time that warming would stop for twelve (not eight) years. Nobody. If Chick knows someone who predicted that, I’d love to see his evidence.

One should never claim something was predicted ahead of time without proof that such a prediction was actually made. Otherwise you are just blowing smoke.


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