IJOC Sucks (More Climate Gatekeeping!)

As some of you may know, in 2007, Ross McKitrick and Pat Michaels published a paper which showed that there was statistical evidence of uncorrected biases in land surface temperature data. You may also know that realclimatescientist Gavin Schmidt published a paper which claimed their result (and the results of a pair of Dutch meteorologists) was spurious. Well, you may or may not know that Ross McKitrick and Nicholas Nierenberg tried to continue this dialogue going on the the journal International Journal of Climatology. However, in true climategate form, it was rejected in spite of showing that Schmidt’s claim was just wrong. They weren’t even allowed to respond formally to their referees! This is just outrageous and smacks of a pre-climategate mentality. Well they did respond to the ridiculous complaints of the referees anyway. Did Schmidt’s paper get a similarly difficult review? Almost certainly not, as one of the reviewers of his paper defending the surface temperature record was surface record compiler and climategate chief sinner Phil Jones.



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