Lock Out

In previously, I have talked about the incredible process that Ross McKitrick went through trying to get papers published showing that the land surface temperature data is exaggerating warming due to biases from non climatic factors. In this document from March 25th, Ross describes in great detail his related effort to rebut the IPCC’s bizarre claim that they could discount his findings on the basis of-well, actually they had no real basis, but claimed that the Arctic Oscillation etc. explained this(!) somehow. It turns out that journal after journal used lame, contradictory, and false excuses for rejecting the paper, and multiple journals just started ignoring his attempts to appeal these decisions. What appears to be going on is a full-on lock-out from the peer reviewed climate literature-disagree with the IPCC on this issue, you’ll find that something odd seems to occur-nobody will publish your work. Ever. So you’ll have to publish in stats journal or something. And the gatekeepers will still dismiss your work on totally illegitimate, fabricated grounds.

What else is new.


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