Give Credit Where It’s Due Man!

I seem to recall I mentioned previously a paper by Petr Chylek and colleagues about the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” and polar temperature changes-I just checked, I didn’t mention it before. Well, thanks to Roger Pielke Sr’s blog, I have recently learned about a new, similar paper the same group has written about both poles. Now, I pretty much agree with Roger’s statements about what is good about the paper and what is not-I think their comments about the “general warming” are unfounded though not implausible. But I do have to take issue with this:

A bi‐polar seesaw pattern of the paleo temperature has been observed earlier in the Greenland and Antarctic ice core data. For the first time we identify a bi‐polar seesaw pattern in the 20th century Arctic and Antarctic instrumental temperature records.

I take issue with this group claiming they are the first to point out that the behavior of the Arctic and Antarctic are out of phase on this timescale. Indeed, this has been pointed out in the context of the “cosmic ray hypothesis” (see figure 6) by Henrik Svensmark-whether you believe it is due to his suggested idea or not, cloud albedo is a plausible mechanism. So why would anyone claim they thought of this first? Maybe they just were unaware of it?


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