I Know Calculus You Know…

I’ve, uh, never been accused of believing in Zeno’s paradox before. Perhaps most ridiculously, I’ve never been accused of believing in Zeno’s paradox after taking the sum of an infinite series finding it’s value finite. That, uh, that’s stupid. Rock stupid. Impossibly improbably stupid. Well…

This is elementary stuff. And if I believed in Zeno’s paradox I wouldn’t get A’s in calculus, heck I’d flunk if I were a Zeno-ite. Needless to say, I’m not. You know, I’d have a lot more to say if I wasn’t just totally floored by this kind of complete absurdity.


3 Responses to “I Know Calculus You Know…”

  1. Smoking Frog Says:

    You’re understating the absurdity. A person doesn’t even have to know calculus to know that the sum of an infinite series can be finite. For example, with 1+1/2+1/4+…, all he has to do is notice that each step only covers half the remaining distance to 2.

    I like to argue with absurd critics by repeatedly giving them enough room to go on defending their absurdity. That way, they look worse in the end. This might be a terrible character flaw, though.

    It looks to me (I got here a few minutes ago) that you don’t get many comments.

  2. timetochooseagain Says:

    Smoking Frog-Yeah, this is a pretty obscure blog. Thanks for contributing. Indeed, in the case of that particular infinite series, one can even prove that it equals two geometrically! I’ll bet you have seen that proof before so I won’t get into it here (unless anyone is needlessly curious!) Ah well, I am glad to say that the conflict mostly subsided over there.

    Apologies for not getting to your comment sooner, I’ve been out all day!

  3. Critical Points « Hypothesis Testing Says:

    […] above is from Wikipedia. As you all should know, I know Calculus. Now, technically, no climate data is a truly differentiable  function, since they are not […]

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