ENSO and US Climate/Weather Revisited

I was curious what would happen if I used my “Invariant ENSO Index” to look at ENSO impacts in the US. So here is El Nino versus La Nina temperature composites:


And Now El Nino Versus La Nina Precipitation:


So now let me go out on a limb here and say that, what with us  just having come out one La Nina and going into another one, having had a warm summer across most of the Central and Eastern US and dry conditions in most of the South Central US as a result, it looks like we will be in for more of the same for this next La Nina. This is bad news for Texas and Florida, as it means that we will have a repeat of the drought conditions just when we thought we were out of the woods.

Of course, one can be sure that typical, predictable weather patterns will be played for all they are worth in the media as somehow evidence of our evil human ways, even though years just like the last one and what will likely happen in the coming year, have happened throughout the recorded history of climate in the US, and undoubtedly longer than that. The observational record offers us many opportunities to identify past patterns of weather and the conditions that gave rise to them. What the record tells us is often that the weather we can expect looks a lot like weather we have had in the past. Sometimes that past weather was quite nasty. We better listen and be ready.

3 Responses to “ENSO and US Climate/Weather Revisited”

  1. troyca Says:

    Andrew, can you drop me a line at this e-mail, or is that e-mail you used for the comment at my blog a good one for contacting you?

  2. timetochooseagain Says:

    Heh, No problem Troy. I check my email some what irregularly but if I’m expecting anything I try to respond quickly.

  3. troyca Says:

    Cool, I sent something to your hotmail account.

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